Adjustable Sawhorses

Adjustable Sawhorses

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Adjustability: Height adjustable for an ergonomic workstation

Quick Connect Pins: Ease of height adjustment

Mobile: Easy to carry

Collapsibility: Just 2 Quick Connecting Pins

  • Made of 1/8” Cold Rolled Steel and load-bearing pins
  • Ability to hold 1,000 lbs plus
  • Adjustable: To accommodate 6 different work heights
  • Single users can bundle trim when using the dowels
  • Open Ended to allow a single user to transfer a door with ease

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The Fast Rack Equipment products are single user friendly, efficient, adjustable and mobile.

The Solutions For

Finishing Doors

Door System Suggestions

The Fast Rack Equipment E4 Difference


Production will never have to halt due to staffing difficulties or equipment failure. Equipment effectiveness produces efficiency.


Save on employee labor cost and increase production.


Allows the user to quickly adjust work height with quick connect pins for a more comfortable and “custom” workstation.


Fast Rack Equipment allows the user to work efficiently and effectively. Engineered for Service and Safety.

the possibilities.

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