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Equipment Finance Agreements (EFAs) are an excellent way to finance your equipment purchases. EFAs can provide many of the advantages of leasing, without the issue of end-of-lease options.

In an Equipment Finance Agreement, ownership of the equipment is always in your name.  The equipment is used as collateral for the loan and a UCC is filed to secure the lenders collateral.  Like a lease, EFAs can be executed with very little money down.  Some of the advantages of EFAs are as follows:

  • You own the equipment at the end of the term.
  • Equipment can be depreciated on customer's balance sheet.
  • Convenience and speed of acquiring equipment
  • Documentation is very simple.
  • Preserves essential cash flow.


Centra Funding, LLC

Centra Funding, LLC (also known as “4 Hour Funding”), founded in 2006, is a nationwide equipment finance company based in Plano, TX, with offices across the United States. Centra is committed to offering a fast and simple finance solution that allows small businesses to acquire equipment more easily through its websites and

With over 40 years of industry experience, Centra finances businesses in almost every industry sector and our direct-lending capabilities allow us to provide innovative and flexible options for customers’ equipment financing needs.

Centra is a true funding company that uses its own funds for every transaction. Enabled by our technology, due diligence process, and strong equity and credit facilities, approval of credit and equipment financing can be done in the same day, getting businesses the financing they need, when they need it. Our proprietary processing system allows for a prompt credit decision on applications and the delivery of electronic documents which customers can sign on a mobile device.

Centra was formed and owned by John Boettigheimer, a significant owner, and its President/General Manager. Centra Funding, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CV Holdings, Inc., a diversified holding company with investments in a number of specialty finance verticals. CV Holdings, Inc.’s common stock is currently quoted on OTC Markets under the ticker CVHL.