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About The Owner

Michael Halverson, has been a painting contractor and hands-on business owner for the past 19 years. The painting profession has surrounded him since he was a child. His grandfather, Ike, founder of Valley Paint and Sandblasting, regularly took Michael on jobs from the time he was seven years old. His grandfather inspired Michael to open his first painting company, Halverson Painting, in 1995. He quickly succeeded in the industry, resulting in his ability to expand and grow the company into a successful professional painting and wood finishing company.

Michael’s attention to detail, use of quality products, consistent finishing process, and management skills are vital elements in his success today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative quality equipment and services to the painting and wood finishing communities. We are committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of these professionals by providing them with effective, efficient, ergonomic equipment that will propel them to be more profitable.

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The construction and painting industries demand efficient use of time and superior wood finishing techniques. Our products were designed with you in mind.

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