40x40x9 - Two Booths
40x40x9 - Two Booths
40x40x9 - Two Booths
40x40x9 - Two Booths

40x40x9 - Two Booths

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Fast Rack Equipment Large Industrial Double-Sided Plenum with LED lighting is great for light and heavy industrial companies. These two booths allow several finishers to spray items at the same time, creating a superior finish and an ideal working environment for the finishers.

Our spray booths are all made from 18-gauge galvanized steel and comply with NFPA-33 standards for spray application using flammable or combustible materials. Our electrical components are UL Certified to meet nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards.

The Fast Rack Equipment team is here to assist you in choosing one of our standard spray booths or creating the perfect custom spray booth with the help of our engineers.

Booth Specifications:
(46) 4 Tube LED T8 light fixtures
(3) 30” Diameter Tubeaxial belt drive exhaust fan (14,040 cfm w/3hp)
(3) 3hp 3ph motor 208-230/460v. 60 hz
(192) Exhaust filters with (192) exhaust filter grids
(1) Hardware set for assembly, nuts & bolts, screws

OPTION:  (1) 3hp motor,  single-phase, 1,740 RPM, 115/230V AC, 184T

Outside Dimensions:
41’ Wide (the front support makes the booth wide in the front only)
40 ’4” Long (the body of the spray booth)
11‘ High (2’ for the header)

Inside Dimensions:
36’ Wide x 40 Long x 9’ High

Working Dimensions:
36’ Wide (4‘ for the Plenum) x 40’ Long x 9’ High